Problems with Blocked Toilets

The toilet is the most used item in any home or business. This huge usage often means a clogged bathroom leads to an annoyed family – and a messy clean-up. The first step in preventing a Blocked Toilet is understanding why it’s blocked and backing up. Just in case, you’ll want to keep a plunger nearby. Still, […]

How do I Unblock a basin or sink?

Right, so you have done the first thing you should try, plunging your sink and that’s not working? Do you know what a trap is? This is where the blockage takes place. If you look under your sink or basin you will see a “U” shaped pipe. There are good reasons why it is shaped […]

How to check if you have frozen pipes

Frozen pipes can cause huge problems for your home and business. With the water that fills the room, water damage, mould and the pipe, a lot can go wrong between these. Here are a few of the warning hazards that you can look out for to let you know when one of your pipes has begun to […]

How to Bleed A Radiator Yourself

Reasons why you might need to bleed your radiator If your radiator isn’t getting hot all over and has some cold patches, it won’t be working very efficiently and you’ll be paying more for your heating bill as it’s not working correctly and you’re not feeling the full effect. One of the best ways to […]


Buying a Home Checklist – The Plumbers Advice

Are you taking that big step into a buying your new home? If you buying your first or tenth you should always take some time and check for these simple steps and inspect the plumbing before you sign on the dotted line. We would always suggest you hire a professional plumber to make an inspection […]