Loyalty Points

Join Plumbing Supplies Direct and start earning money off your next purchase

If you create an account when placing your order you can start earning points.
Loyalty points which can be earned every time you shop with us and exchanged for money off your next purchase.

Earn one point for every £1 you spend.

Collect 100 points and get £1 to spend for free

It’s that easy! So start collecting those points now from your very first order and keep an eye on our newsletters for those exclusive bonus points, offers and freebies

Want to earn extra points? here’s how…
Earn 100 bonus points – When you sign up for an account.
Having an account is much easier for you and makes your plumbing supplies direct experience even easier, It’ll mean not having to type out your address & details everytime you place an order.
You can check in on your orders and see what its current status is.
You can easily look back at all your previous orders and Re-order products quickly and easily.

Earn 100 bonus points when you leave us a review

Points can only be earned and allocated when signed into your plumbing supplies direct account. Your bonus reward points will be added to your account within 48 hours.
Points for previous orders cannot be backdated and added afterwards so please remember to log into
your account first before going through the checkout process.